Trudy and Max in Love

Is it possible to truly love two people at the same time? Trudy, a married young adult fiction writer, meets Max, a famous novelist, and a friendship quickly develops. But as feelings begin to emerge, boundaries become a little blurred. Trudy and Max in Love, the latest from playwright/actress Zoe Kazan (known for writing, producing and starring in the quirky, surreal Ruby Sparks alongside real-life boyfriend Paul Dano), takes an unconventional look at love and whether you actually have a choice when it comes down to whom you fall for. Watch the fast and funny Trudy and Max in Love as Aya Cash and Michael Weston, both well-respected actors, make their SCR debut—the heart wants what it wants!

Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 5. Continues through Jan. 26, 2014

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