Trendzilla: Spring Fashion Preview

Though it isn't time to put away your winter coats just yet (more rain, pleeeease!), here's a preview of what's good (and bad) in Spring 2015. A few of these trends are recycled from last spring, but they're still bolder than what was deemed cool this past fall. While a select few women can actually pull these looks off (i.e., bone-thin models), don't fret if your body type doesn't work—as always, wear what you love.

Have culottes ever been cool? The name just screams, “1960s mom!” Not the cool weed-smoking mom, but the one who's already birthed three children and wears culottes to a backyard barbecue. It's just one of those things women wear to impress other, “fashionable” women—because “Wear the culottes, babe,” said no lover ever.

Too stiff a fabric makes it resemble a shirt that didn't know when to stop, but breathable, fluid fabrics make a shirtdress very sensual. Look for a piece that's short and flirty or hits mid-calf and swings when you walk.

We've seen these around since Coachella. No doubt many people roll their eyes at the hipster accessory, but I've seen bangin' girls make it look cool. The key is to not go overboard with other hippie accessories and balance the feminine shape with rugged boots or a worn-in shirt.

This is just stupid. High-fashion brands including DKNY have models strutting the runway wearing a skirt with another, shorter skirt on top. It reminds me of the time I wore a plaid skirt over jeans—I was 9. The moral here being don't act like a grown-ass woman but still dress as if you're in elementary school.

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