[Trendzilla] Adidas x 'Star Wars': A Great Team, They Make

A Great Team, They Make

If you haven’t heard of this by now, consider yourself the worst fucking fanboy ever.

We received our first sneak peek at the collection of the Adidas x Star Wars collection in November with a few close-ups posted on HighSnobiety.com. We saw glimpses of Storm Troopers baring those three familiar bars initially associated with the hip-hop world—and geeks and sneakerheads alike (a certain crossover market here, you see) started salivating at the possibilities like Pavlov’s nerds. Earth-tone Yoda boat shoes? Jumpsuit-orange Skywalker high-tops?

The Adidas x Star Wars collection has been split into three segments: the Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack and the Direct Pack. The Characters Pack might just be the most talked-about, bringing us our fave moments and characters from the saga and splashing them on sneakers and apparel. Though some may argue the sneakers are a bit… overstated, keep in mind that this is Adidas, and they’re still looking to target both their fanbase and the movie nerds as well.

The first installment is already in stores, including some of the beloved shoe collection: The maroon and gold Leia sneaks (which are modeled after the infamous Jabba-sex-slave bikini), the chunky Darth Vaders (that, unfortunately, look more like your mom’s exercise footwear… or maybe even those BKs you used to sport in the early ’90s).

The most sought-after footwear, though, is set to hit stores in March, including the X-wing Sambas, bringing together the classic indoor soccer shoe (also worn by Noel Gallagher and Roger Daltrey) with the coolest fucking spacecraft everrrr. The X-wing Sambas include the most subtle hints of red and a light-gray-lined silhouette of the X-wing.

My favorite piece of apparel from the collaboration, hands-down, is the Superstar Track Top Darth Vader hoodie ($100). It features a detachable chained cape. And a detachable voice box breastplate panel that snaps on over the zipper. With that said, I also am pretty much in love with the cotton single jersey T ($35) featuring the original art from the A New Hope poster in Adidas blue—complete with three diagonal stripes in the corner and down each of the sleeves.

Look for the Adidas x Star Wars collaboration at the Adidas Originals Store at South Coast Plaza, 3333 W. Bear St., Costa Mesa, (714) 668-9155; www.shopadidas.com. (Sorry, this location won’t be getting the Yoda boatshoes in stock. eBay!)


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