Not to try and pull a total Colbert here, but lately I've been hearing a word being tossed around these parts—okay, okay, at Crew Salon in the Lab about a month ago—and I'd just like to claim authorship, once and for all. You see, while sitting at the salon one early January afternoon, I couldn't help but overhear one stylist say to another, “You are looking so totes adobie today!”; and to hear the other stylist reply in kind, “No, you are looking so totes adobie today.” And dudes? I realize I didn't invent “totes”—I think we all picked that up shortly after Seth Cohen dropped it midway during season two of The O.C.—but “adobie”? That's my word. Or, well, it's my word and my best friend's word, a word the two of us coined one night last fall after about two bottles of wine—each—and hours of gossiping about boys we found, well, adorable. Hence, the need for shorthand; hence, adobie. And if a boy was totally adorable? Why, then he'd be “totes adobie,” of course. Not that I mean to suggest that I in any way mind the stylists over at Crew implementing our word into their vocabularies—in fact, I nearly fell out of my little elevated chair in the midst of my “I just heard someone say adobie!!!” text-messaging frenzy—but, well, okay, I'll admit it. I am trying to pull a total Colbert here, and like “truthiness” before it, I'd like adobie to be named the Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society. So, everyone, say it with me: adobie. And now say it to your friends. Just remember who said it first.

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