Okay, now this is—among other things, like kinda stupid—pandering: A women's shoe line called Latinas?

Do you need the name? If you're a Latina, do you feel happier about wearing a shoe brand called Latinas? Do the shoes fit better? Are they prettier? Missouri-based Footwear Unlimited says yes; its fall line of, of course, calientefootwear for mujeres everywhere should be dropping soon at shoe emporiums.

And, if recent ads in Lucky magazine are any indication, it looks pretty cute. The ads are execrable: giddy young women, one in a party dress, the other in a skirt and a bustier-cum-halter top, dancing atop a line of conga drums,clutching each other so they don't fall off. The shoes? Kinda cute. The chica in the midriff top wears a pair of orangey-red pumps with high, metallic heels; nothing wrong with that. Her amiga (yes, we are being irritatingly condescending on purpose) wears metallic sandals that lace up the calf. Pretty sweet.

But . . . calling it “Latinas”? I guess we should expect this from the state that gave us East St. Louis, traditionally America's most dangerous city, and John Ashcroft—America's most dangerous attorney general—and took? The LA Rams. Thanks for (almost) nothing!

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