Top Five Punk-Rock Songs About Pot (Old and New School)

Pogo, pot and punk-rock! Here are some fast paced songs from both the old and new school's of to celebrate today's hazy holiday.


1) Bad Brains-“I Luv I Jah”

Although not technically punk-rock, it was pretty punk-rock of them to feature this song amongst the rest of their speedy-chord youth melodies on their first self-titled album. Easy-going lyrics include “We're not all a uptight. Ah no fuss no fight. Cool that way, cool that way.”  

2) The Gears- “I Smoke Dope”

You automatically make the list if you straight-out name a song “I smoke dope” in your first album. Just like the 1978 punk rock n roll veterans, The Gears, did did in their album Rockin' at Ground Zero. I've seen them play six times at least and the singer,  Axxel G. Reese, still gets mightily into the spirit whenever he plays it.

3) Skeptical Youth- “Motavation”

Back when the East L.A backyard gig scene was in full bloom. Skeptical Youth never failed to incite all of the local stoners with their Marijuana anthem “Motavation”. It truly is a good song that beautifully showcases the importance of such a vital component to the band's  inspiration and originality back then.

4) La Minerva- “Caballo Marihuano”

How can there be a list without including the fundamental little brother sub-genre of ska-punk! Guadalajara's own La Minerva has a bouncy song called “Caballo Marijuano” in their latest album, Odio A Quien Odio Se Merece, that is perfect to skank–slowly–too. Thank you to the Mexico City punk-rock facebook compadre Juan Marquez for the tip off for this one. 

5) NOFX-“Herojuana!”

Last but not least, you can't have any list without the pop-punk-demi-gods of NOFX. Their song “Herojuana” has a silly title but the lyrics are deeply meaningful and thought provoking. Also, these guys actually have skills behind their instruments. Who said a descending tapping arpeggio can't be punk?!

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