Top Five Pixies Songs: Happy Birthday to David Lovering, Pixies Drummer

Happy Birthday, David Lovering! The alt-rock Pixies drummer turns a very un-rock & roll 50 today. Lovering has been playing with the band since their 1986 inception (sans the group's unfortunate 1993-2004 hiatus). Since fans were cheated out of nearly a decade of music during that time period, here's hoping Lovering keeps smashing that kick-drum well into his 60s. Our top five Pixies songs after the jump.

5.  “Where is My Mind”

Undoubtedly the band's most recognizable ditty, “Where is My Mind” is beloved by longtime Pixies fans and hipsters alike. Plus, it was in Fight Club. Extra hipster bonus points.



As easygoing as its apathetic moniker, “Hey” starts slow and picks up the pace. Front man Black Francis varies the song's rhythm by peppering its verses with his fluctuating — you guessed it — heys.



3. “This Monkey's Gone to Heaven”

Off their '89 album, Doolittle, this somber number was the first Pixies track to feature guest musicians: cellists Arthur Fiacco and Ann Rorich, and two violinists, Karen Karlsrud and Corine Metter. The effect is notably corrosive — the boys croon about environmentalism and man's problematic place in the universe as Francis' rhythm guitar plays a short chord progression. Lead guitarist Joey Santiago is notably absent from the mix (save a short solo). Surprisingly, we don't miss him much.




2. “La La Love You”

Catcalls, I love yous, and a heavy helping of Yeahs — this song is refreshingly light and well-paired with Francis' Presley-esque croon. Don't forget to “shake your butt.”


1. “Mr. Grieves”

Deliciously tortured, Francis' wail on “Mr.Grieves” will take you back to your days of preteen angst — in a good way.

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