Top Five Concerts to Get a Second Hand High

1. Phish

Phish basically picked up where the Grateful Dead left off–at least, after the death of the late, great Jerr Bear–a carefree jam band that inherited practically all of the extremely dedicated Deadhead fanbase.

Singer Trey Anastasio was arrested in New York in 2006 for driving on a suspended license with drugs from another person's prescription.

At a recent concert in March 2009, Virginia police confiscated over $1 million from Phish fans in illegal drugs and more than $68,000 in cash–194 attendees were even arrested, mostly for drug possession, use and distribution. Fuck. Yeah. Now that's something to be proud about. 

And, if anything, let us thank Phish for the existence of Phish Food. Forever. Amen.


2. Snoop Dogg

This one may be obvious, but even we were left coughing after Snoop's last show over at the Grove of Anaheim.

In 2002, Snoop announced he was going to quit the sweet, sweet Mary Jane, telling Access Hollywood he just didn't “need it anymore.” Well, he fucking lied: In 2004, Snoop responded in an interview when asked whether or not he really had kicked the habit, “When did you hear that?”


3. Willie Nelson

Now 76, Wilie Nelson may be getting up there in age, but that doesn't mean he (or his fans) have stopped enjoying the uh, finer things in life.

Nelson is one of the most vocal pot smokers out there in the public eye–remember his cameo in Half-Baked as the “historian smoker”? Or even in cinematic classic Beerfest, looking for partners in a cannabis-smoking contest?

In addition to all sorts of other righteous causes, Nelson serves as the co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) advisory board, championing the legalization of weed, and even appearing on Pot TV and several radio commercials. Nelson also appeared on the cover of High Times in 2005.

4. Rush

Now what about the voice of Geddy Lee?

Rush is one of the few active bands around that still offers that classic “rock concert” atmosphere: We're talking long, stringy hair, flashy lights, fog machines, five-minute drum solos, finger-fumblin' guitar solos, lots of dudes, lasers… and a perma-cloud of pot smoke lingering in the air. We didn't realize it was possible to hotbox an arena.

Remember that Paul Rudd movie I Love You, Man? How Rudd's character would bro out with his on-screen BFF? That's all Rush is. Dudes freaking the fuck out to some (albeit great) classic prog rock.  

But what you won't find at Rush concerts? Ladies.


5. Black Crowes

One of our fave songs about weed– and believe us, there are many–is their cover of Bob Dylan's “Rainy Day Women #12 and #35,” in which dreamboat Chris Robinson puts extra emphasis on the lyric “Everybody must get stoned!” The song was included in Hempilation: Freedom is NORML, a benefit album for the aforementioned National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

In fact, just like Nelson, the Black Crowes were recent cover men for High Times, and performed at the 1992 Great Atlanta Pot Festival, sposnored by NORML.

As Robinson explained to High Times in July of 1992: “Pot's nothing to be taboo about, man. It's a part of pop culture. In the eighties, it was sort of passé. People who were wrapped up in money saw the weed as a frivolous extravagance. It's really old-fashioned.” Cheers, dreamboat. Cheers.

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