Top 5 Songs We Definitely Don't Want to Hear at Electric Daisy Carnival

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For an EDM dance festival that showcases over 100 DJs, eight stages and three days full of beats, you would think there would be enough new and exciting music at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to avoid hearing a song stuck on repeat. But on the eve of EDC, we are already prepared to hear a crop of obnoxious choruses and vomit-in-your-mouth lyrics from DJ's who have a tendency to hit cruise control while fist pumping at the helm.

Last year, songs like “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris' “Bounce” went from popular club anthems to derided dance floor cliches. Since this weekend's festival is the harbinger of a  heat wave of summer EDM festivals to follow, we're hoping the gods of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will shield our ears from this year's crop of top 5 songs we definitely don't want to hear at EDC.


5. 'Feel So Close to You' – Calvin Harris

 Sure, Calvin Harris has done plenty for his followers in the EDM world.  His song “Bounce” has probably helped more people find love than, and “Flashback” had us dancing like we were fighting for our lives. But when it comes to 2011's hit  “Feel So Close to You,” it's hard to return the sentiment after almost a year of hearing every other DJ choose to prematurely end their set with the played-out radio tune.

4. Somebody I Used to Know vs. Levels – Avicii

When thousands of fans left after Goyte performed “Somebody That I Used To Know” at Coachella this year, we caught the distinct whiff of a possible one-hit wonder. And of course, the world's top DJs made things even better by remixing that hit into about a thousand even more annoying variations. After Avicii's track “Levels” also became a go-to crowd pleaser in 2011 (and was remixed by the likes of Skrillex,  Hardwell and Cazzette) the Swedish House producer must've been looking for a way to create a version of the song that could take things to a new ,uh, level of catchiness. The answer was to create a mash-up using the Gotye track to devise a super one-hit wonder that will only escape your head after you've banged it against a concrete wall a few hundred times. And since bruises and bloodstains don't exactly complement a Day-Glo EDC costume, we hope you manage to avoid this tune.

3. Internet Friends – Knife Party

When we first heard the phrase, “You've blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die,” it sounded like we'd been transported into the post-apocalyptic zombie world of Resident Evil where Red Queen was out to kill. We never knew social media could sound that dangerous. Unfortunately, after hearing this Knife Party track in every douchey club known to man, the thrill of this murderous threat sounds about as mundane as any other crazed ex-girlfriend that we'd refuse to “friend.”

2. We Found Love – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

Recruiting Rhianna on a track will definitely get a dance song heard. But by doing this, Harris has entered a new hopeless realm of  David Guetta clones. “We Found Love” gets heavy radio play, but let's face it, Rhianna gets more credit for this song. We believe the goal for this new wave of EDM artists should be to distinguish themselves as producers and real musicians. And instead of having an innovating duet – it could've happened, Harris did vocals for “Feel So Close” after all — the Scottish DJ ended up making another  NOW CD single.

1. Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce

We're all for the idea of unleashing your inner animal at EDC, but 300,000 EDM fans howling at the moon on a motor speedway is the last thing we want to hear.

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