Top 10 Albums Played on KUCI Feb. 22-28

Editor's Note: Matt Buga is a Music Director at KUCI.

KUCI is the last bastion against sound-alike radio in Orange County and the voice of freedom for all the independent music that gets snubbed by the major labels. From the edge of University of California Irvine, KUCI brings you the latest in all forms of independent and underground music.

1. Hot Chip, One Life Stand (Astralwerks)

2. Xiu Xiu, Dear God, I Hate Myself (Kill Rock Stars)

3. Gigi, Maintenant (Tomlab)

4. Shout Out Louds, Work (Merge)

5. Golden Triangle, Double Jointer (Hardly Art)

6. Quasi, American Gong (Kill Rock Stars)

7. The Ruby Suns, Fight Softly (Sub Pop)

8. Holly Miranda, The Magician's Private Library (XL)

9. Los Campesinos!, Romance Is Boring (Arts & Crafts)

10. Clare And The Reasons, Arrow (Frog Stand)

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