Tomorrows Tulips, 'Casual Hopelessness'

Tomorrows Tulips (Casual Hopelessness) from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Orange County visual artist Jack Coleman has delivered a wonderfully quirky and minimal video for Costa Mesa duo Tomorrows Tulips' equally enigmatic and brief (it clocks in at 2:07) ditty “Casual Hopelessness.” 


Like the title suggests, the song smacks of half-cocked optimism couched in hipster vagueness. But just like the longhaired child in the video makes no sense, at least on a surface level, there's something that makes total sense about singer Alex Knost (who collaborated on the videos' concept), battling inner demons, the little nagging ones, over garage clatter that works itself into a perverse pop song recalling, but in no way aping, vintage Lou Reed.

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