Toll Road Opposition for the Lazy

Just when you think the government's a complete and total failure, something happens to restore your faith.

Why, just this afternoon I was perusing the Governor's website, filling out a webmail information request on Chuck DeVore's industrial hemp bill and bemoaning my lack of decent contacts up in Sac-Town, when something caught my eye.

A quick visit to brings up a helpful, simple page where you can list your contact details, your email, the issue with which you're concerned and even if you support or oppose it. What are some of the major hot-button issues, you ask?

  • Caltrans (think potholes)
  • CDCR (Corrections and Rehabilitation – they ought to change it to CDCP for Punishment)
  • DMV concerns (it's the car culture, people)
  • Illegal immigration (got a minute, man?)
  • Marine Life Protection Act (We've got an awful lot of coastline, but some of those sea lions are just begging for death)

There's a few others – Health N Human services and such – but amidst all these weighty concerns that basically affect all Americans (health, welfare, safety, environment) is an entry labelled SAN ONOFRE TOLL ROAD.

That's right kids, whether you want to protect inland San Onofre State Beach/safeguard a Juaneno Indian sacred site/protect the Donna O'Neill Conservancy/not waste money on a road that would only make traffic worse, or would rather just pave one of the last relatively untouched coastal canyons in Southern California; either way, all you have to do is visit and click the mouse a few times. Maybe type out an affirmative or negative phrase or two.
Check it out, why don't you?

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