Today in Offensive Things Filed in Court by Orly Taitz…

This morning, Laguna Niguel dentist/lawyer Orly Taitz filed a motion opposing the government's opposition to her motion to move her already-dismissed Pamela v. Barnett lawsuit from Santa Ana to Washington D.C. (Got all that?)

The PDF's here. It's 11 pages long. None of those 11 pages really explain why a case that's already been dismissed, a case whose docket summary reads “WARNING: CASE CLOSED on 10/29/2009” (yes, it's bolded on the docket), should still be bothering the judge who dismissed it.

But, okay. Here's a good quote from it, about Obama's birth “controversy” being the root cause of the underwear bombing and various other terrible things that have happened lately:


They cannot eat the cake and have it whole. This game of hide and seek
by the Attorney General Holder and US attorneys played with the
plaintiffs and their counselor is infantile at best and treasonous at
worst, as National Security is on the line. Recent near tragedy of
NorthWest 253, slaughter of CIA agents and tragedy at Fort Hood are
only a few reminders of how dangerous it is to have a Big Question Mark
with numerous stolen and fraudulent social security numbers sitting in
the position of the President and Commander in Chief.

Read that last sentence again. Yep, this is Taitz's new argument: Obama isn't eligible because he is punctuation.

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