98 Ellen Griley swaps her vinyl leotard for vinyl disks at Third Eye Records.

10 Nick Schou reads GOP operative Eileen Padberg's gripping e-mails from Iraq, then attends Orange school trustee Steve Rocco's baffling press conference. Gustavo Arellano helps One Broadway Plaza opponents sift through the lawsuits filed against them. Cornel Bonca remembers Arthur Miller and Hunter S. Thompson—but mostly Miller. R. Scott Moxley reports on the bruising '06 campaign for district attorney that ain't happening and a brutal day for Jane Doe in the Haidl gang-rape trial, then discovers Sheriff Mike Carona's role in Haidl cover-up.

20 Hip-hop DJ J. Rocc currently resides in Highland Park, but as Charlie Rose discovers, his heart remains in OC. Rex Reason says Paul Westerberg has suffered enough. The birthday boy won't be there, but Ryan Leach will join a bunch of bands blowing out the candles for Johnny Cash. Sam McPheeters argues 7 Seconds are not just for soccer moms. We say Get Out! for Master P, the Geisha Girls and 2Mex. Elizabeth Khuri's got a thing for SamsonandDelilahcomposer Camille Saint-Saens. Rich Kane was about ready to chuck Locals Only until the latest from the Helmut Stein Experience came in. Then Kane goes to see—and gently rips—Smoosh. Jim Washburn loves the Django and so will you and other Reinhardt fans at Djangofest.

26 Nick Schou hears the Masked Movie Snobs snub the Academy Awards while Greg Stacy defends Oscar host Chris Rock's anti-Oscar comments. Erin Aubry Kaplan says DiaryofaMadBlackWoman'smediocrity proves African-American cinema has finally arrived.

28 Rebecca Schoenkopf can't help but laugh at Christopher Titus' fucked-up life. Elizabeth Khuri does double-dance duty with Backhausdace and UC Irvine's Etudes. Brian Doan's moving photographs help Gustavo Arellano remember the Vietnam War's forgotten ones. Joel Beers is in theater-going heaven thanks to BrightIdeasat Laguna Playhouse and TheMercySeatat Hunger Artists Theatre.

34 Sarah Callender goes to Kaffa, re-discovers Italy. Gustavo Arellano says never mind the ruckus at Pho Hien Vuong, enjoy the food.

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