TKO Records' Top 10 Selling Records From Past Week

1) The Eyes, TAQN 10″ EP

2) The Regulations, To Be Me LP
3) The Reactionaries, 1979 LP
4) The Screamers, Pat Garrett Demo 12″ EP
5) Hot Snakes, Suicide Invoice LP (reissue)
6) My Bloody Valentine, Loveless LP (reissue)
7) Chin Chin, We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners 7″
8) U.X. Vileheads 1st 7″
9) Circle One, Patterns Of Force LP (reissue)
10) Channel 3, To Whom It May Concern LP w/ CD

STAFF PICK: The Reactionaries' 1979 LP: “This is an excellent debut release for the newly-christened Water Under The Bridge Records, run by our friends from San Pedro's Rise and Fall Zine. It features a 1979 band practice recording from this early South Bay punk band that included all three future members of the Minutemen. This is a great time capsule of early SoCal punk. Don't sleep on this one, the first pressing of 500 on green vinyl is almost gone! Everyone that works here has already snagged a copy for themselves. We can't wait to see what Water Under The Bridge's next release is gonna be!”–Mark R.