Tired of Chicken Wings? Do Buffalegs From Blake's!

We relate chicken wings to crawfish– lots of work for little reward. No offense to this unofficial NFL finger food, but we'd rather spend our time gnawing on more substantial eats. Like a drumstick; it's meatier and with a built-in handle. So why hasn't anybody capitalized on that yet?

Tucked away in an Anaheim industrial park (plus a second spot in Los Alamitos), Blake's Place is a step ahead, debuting the Buffaleg this month. Possessing the same tastiness as their wings, but in a convenient shape. We have one reaction: Boo-yah!


Hickory smoked for two hours, these babies are then fried to order and finished with your choice of sauces: sweet chili, spicy/Frank's Red Hot, spicy BBQ and classic BBQ. A juicy pair will run $6.99, trio for $7.99 and quartet for a buck more. All orders include cool ranch dressing and fries. A meat-n-potatoes deal for less than $10 is fine eats.

Be on the lookout for a future On the Line with their founder, Gene Hobel. Buffalegs are the start of special promotions to celebrate 20 years in business. Bonus: The first 500 orders of a 4 piece meal receive a free t-shirt. Fed and clothed? Sign us up!

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