You know all about remix albums, right? If not, there's a Grand Canyon-sized dumpster of cheesy, stomach-churning remix discs (Paul Oakenfold! ChillOut albums! Anything from the Moonshine label!) that make “electronica” a lot goofier and more sinister than it oughta be. Luckily, there's an antidote to this nouveau muzak industry: Dave Gardner of San Francisco lounge band Tipsy. His revved-up remix of the latest in lounge and exotica plows through the pasteurized sounds of remixed sludge with the power of the almighty tiki—specifically, tiki-friendly lounge bands from around the globe (Tokyo's World Standard, London's High Llamas and Seattle's Bran Flakes, for instance). It's a comic-book journey through gentle irony and great jokes, kinda like Tom and Jerry chasing each other into a bar tended by Bugs Bunny. Come to think of it, the spazz-outs and giggles of the Bran Flakes' “Kitty Takes a Ride” or Matmos' “Schatzi a Go-Go” would be truly inspired cartoon soundtracks. And there's even the occasional serious reflection, such as World Standard's “Papaya Freeway,” which comes off like that last bittersweet moment of sobriety before you lunge for another martini. The big surprise here is that this album is such a rousing wake-up call. Every note is a welcome break from the overly self-conscious artsiness and bersexuality of most remix albums. Producers of the world, are you listening?

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