Time to Transfer? Golden West College Counselor Goes on Racist Rant, Cypress College Re-Opens After Violent Threat

Olson’s counseling advice: Go back to your country. (Video screenshot)

Is it midterms already at local Orange County community colleges? The news cycle is spinning with stories of folks becoming more unraveled than after all-night cramming–only it’s not students. Golden West College counselor Tarin Olson went on a “Go back to your country” racist rant in Long Beach that turned into a viral video over the weekend. Next, Cypress College classes were cancelled today until this afternoon after authorities received word of a credible threat of violence. 

We don’t know if Olson has anything to do with the white supremacy infiltration plan that a Florida middle school teacher boasted about on her podcast that got her canned, but for a Long Beach family the vile views sure sounded the same. Tony Kao walked down a residential street on Thursday when the two clashed. “I want you to tell everybody why you told us to go back to our country,” Kao told Olson as he filmed her. “You need to go back to your home country,” Olson said while walking away from him. She offered to tell him exactly why if he’d stop filming. Kao noted that his family born in the United States–not that that ever really matters to racists.


Apparently averse to cameras, Olson declined to speak to CBS2 for an on-screen interview. “I feel my perspective will be twisted if discussing the skewed video which cut out part of the incident,” she told the news channel. “If you would like to have a full normal interview about the displacement of European-Americans then I gladly am available to enlighten the public.” YIKES! The comments in the viral video drew sharp rebuke from her employer. Golden West College posted on its official Facebook page on Sunday that it doesn’t “condone” or “support” such views. “Golden West College believes in an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students,” the statement further read. 

Over at Cypress College, students received notice that classes had been cancelled through noon today, sparking fears about a possible school shooting. “Students and employees are to stay off campus until notified otherwise,” read an email sent Sunday obtained by the Weekly. “Police have received a credible report of a possible violence against the campus.” 

A statement from Cypress College noted that the person of interest had been a former student who showed up on campus three times in the past two weeks while reportedly acting erratically. The 24-year-old unidentified man was detained by Whittier police this morning. The department stated that a local family alerted them to a text message sent Sunday night by the man where he threatened to shoot up a school and commit suicide. Whittier police contacted their Cypress colleagues who helped confirm him as a former student of the local college.

When police arrested him in Pico Rivera, they found no guns nor were any such weapons registered in his name. He’s since undergone a mental health evaluation while in custody. Cypress College President Dr. JoAnna Schilling thanked Whittier and Cypress police for their quick response in the press release. “I am proud to say that our emergency processes and procedures worked and that our campus immediately reached out to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” she added. 

Students who have classes this afternoon still have to show up. 

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