Three to See While They're Still in OC

You like script-driven movies? Intelligent dialogue? Stuff that moves your brain as well as your emotions? As an antidote to the IQ-insult of Indiana Bones and Crap Happens in Vegas, three movies that won't be on the big screen much longer:

Redbelt: It’s David Mamet, enough said. Not the best Mamet (Spanish Prisoner; Glengarry Glen Ross et al) but it’s still Mamet. Conflicted good guy, evil world, some outstanding jujitsu. And (far too briefly) the best thing to ever come out of London's RADA, the always delectable Mrs. Mamet, Rebecca Pidgeon.

The Visitor: A quiet classic. Richard Jenkins, the guy you’ve seen a thousand times without knowing it, in the role actors wait a lifetime for. And there are drums – African drums. Your brain, heart and feet will be bouncing.

The Counterfeiters: Master forger and thug (hatchet-faced Karl Marcovics) heads a team of prisoners forced to make phony British and American currency in Sachsenhausen death camp. Living a life of (relative) luxury amid daily horror, there’s an ethical dilemma – how much cooperation with evil is justified in the name of survival? What would you have done? Based on the Nazis’ Operation Bernhard.

Go. You'll thank me. (You're welcome.)

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