This Week in Wondering and Waiting

According to their website, Pretty Girls Make Graves finished their third album back in July, but it's not coming out until sometime in the spring of 2006. Rumors are that it will be called The Shivering Duck, which is either really silly, really idiosyncratic or both. Whatever it is, it's certainly odd: of all the lofty adjectives slung toward the Seattle group, silly seems inconceivable. But urgent, jagged, post-something wailing? Sure.

Pretty Girls Make Graves' two previous albums are night and day: the debut is whiplash fast and exciting, while the second one allows for much more breathing room, so guessing what the new one will be like is impossible. Still, given their reputation as one of the only indie rock bands out there with technical chops to match their rep, it's little wonder there are so many people wondering and waiting.

Pretty Girls Make Graves at the Etnies Skate Park, 20131 Windrow Dr., Lake Forest, (949) 461-8157. Sat., noon. Free.

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