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Veronica Mars is on UPN, but it's the best show on television. Whaaaaa? The show, in it's sophomore year on the famously African-American network, was spared the cancellation many thought it would receive last season despite low ratings. Season I followed ultra-spunky high schooler-by-day/gumshoe-by-night Veronica Mars (played by Kristen Bell, easily the best actress to come out of TV in, like, forever) searching for answers to the questions posed by her best friend's murder, her rape at a party in the weeks that followed, and her mother's disappearance. Mars failed to pick up any major award nominations, but it did make drooling fanboys of Buffy creator and geek demi-god Joss Whedon and one-time indie darling and the only guy willing to still work with Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith (Smith and Whedon both guest star in Season II, as does Steve Guttenberg). Season I was just one great episode after another, supplemented by a strong supporting cast (Frank Capra's son! The bald guy from Just Shoot Me! The kid from the Shaq Nestl Crunch with Caramel commercials!) and surprisingly kick-ass recurring roles from Harry Hamlin, Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy!), and Tina Majorino (the little girl from Waterworld! Remember Waterworld?). I've turned everyone I know into fans, from my mom, who hates everything that I like, to various random people I meet on the street (notable exception: Ellen “I'm Too Busy To Watch Things Now That Six Feet Under is Canceled” Griley). So now it's up to you, loyal readers. Put down the books and turn off NPR. Veronica outcharms any prose that'll be in your hands after this paper and it's definitely better than listening to Larry Mantle boredly interview some freak reporter named Gustavo Arellano. Plus, in a stunt obviously perpetrated by the network, episode two features Paris Hilton! Go forth, my friends, and spread the gospel of Veronica.

Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season is available on DVD everywhere. MSRP: $59.98.

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