This Week in Food

So, if you haven't noticed the piles of ugly bears, cheap chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons lining the isles of your neighborhood grocery store, V-day is getting ready to unleash its full gushy force upon us. Never fear, if you're still scrounging around for some romantic inspiration, Stick a Fork In It has got your back. 

Gustavo sets the Daily Beast straight by telling us most romantic places to dine in Santa Ana and Anaheim and Dave dishes out five fool-proof treats for your sweet that taste great to boot! He's also got a list of great OC eateries to take your date and who has got the Valentine's Day specials. Jessica also sets the scene for a wonderful place to grab a cocktail with your cutie. If you've left room for dessert, she has got that covered with a guilt-free treat that shows the kind of love that doesn't leave handles. And if all else fails, carry your date into Wahoo's for a free meal!

In other news, Gustavo shows that douchebaggery doesn't pay in this week's Taco Bell crime and Edwin gets an interview with the elusive folks behind the Hidden Kitchen. Edwin also gets Daniel Jimenez of Back Bay Bistro on the line, explores a habit-forming wacky snack and announces the arrival of Mizuki Ramen to Irvine.

Dave chases down Louks gourmet food truck, continues the 411 on Persian dining and discusses the use for that sabbath setting on your refrigerator! He also simplifies your Chinese ordering experience with a handy tutorial on the names of dim sum.

Willy unmasks a Mexican monstrosity of the food world and pits gourmet faux Vietnamese bánh mì against the real deal.

Finally, Lunar New Year is also this Sunday. Celebrate with some traditional vegetarian bánh tét and find out what the New Year has in store for you!

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