This is an actual e-mail . . .

Yes, an actual e-mail exchange between two actual women we know in their early 30s, both of them drop-dead gorgeous. And when we say gorgeous, we don't mean that they have beautiful souls, beautiful spirits or smiles that light up a room. We mean they are beeeeautiful. Babes. Hotties. If you were a man or a lesbian, you would want to have sex with these women. Like, right away. Seriously. Okay, just so you know. . . .


Well, I am finally happy with my dieting progress . . . but of course I can't enjoy this because I am scared there's fat just around the corner waiting to attach to my body.

You are the ONLY person who will understand my feelings (I hope Jeff doesn't read this because I will be mortified and he will eternally think I am shallow and a total idiot). I have worked like a dog and dieted and ran and lifted and crunched, and I can see my little six pack is back and my little skin folds on my tummy, not one big flap hanging over the next. My arms finally have some definition, and my legs and butt look okay, too—a way to go here, but that is always the case.

Of course, there are a couple more pounds (always), but I can live with myself and fit into clothes and feel good. You are the only person I can tell this to. I NEVER say anything positive about myself, much less put it into writing, but I had to brag because I am a constant sweaty, salad-eating girl, and it has paid off a little. This does not come easy to me, that is for sure.

Ugh! This is the price of having babies and all that! Being a mom AND being fit and feeling good is the best revenge!!

Love you and hope you are feeling better and the packing is going well.

My kids are BOTH throwing up with fevers, and Pat is out of town until Friday night. I can't get ill!

Love, Celeste

Hi, Celeste!

Well . . . fat is not around the corner, although I know exactly what you mean. I always tell myself I am over the anxiety, but one day and a half passes, and I am sure I will wake and have a body that people refer to as “stocky . . . big-boned . . . hearty.” My fave was, “You are so hearty for a vegetarian.” I am always sweaty; in fact, some girl in class on Saturday told me sweat was flying off my body and landing on her. Lovely.

I am proud of you; you always work hard, and you eat so well. I wish you would give yourself a break. You have looked phenomenal always. You should say positive things about yourself. You are awesome, bottom line. Give yourself a lot of credit . . . or I'll kick your ass across the room. Jeff never reads my e-mail, so do not worry.

I have a client at 6:30 a.m. and it's midnight, so off I go. Call me.

Love, Noelle

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