Third Party results from Tuesday

Just in case there are any others out there…

As expected, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were the overwhelming #1 and #2 choices. Both candidates also appeared on ballots for the Peace N Freedom Party, and came out #1 and #2 there as well. West Virginia actor Jesse Johnson got my vote…and exactly 23 others in OC.

Final tallies, from the LA Times:


Nader 940
McKinney 237
Elaine Brown 59 (despite having dropped out of both the race and the party)
Kat Swift 34
Jared Ball 25 (also despite having dropped out of the race)
Jesse Johnson 24
Kent Mesplay 24

In other words, not only am I a member of a party that nearly always loses, I voted for the guy within that party who was tied for last place in my precinct.

Still, even Johnson wasn't the losing-est candidate of the day. That honor goes to the Peace N Freedom Party's Stanley Hetz, a Pennsylvanian who ran for Senate against Rick Santorum as a member of the Socialist Party, and is the author of a book about Joe Montana. Hetz's grand total in Orange County?

Zero votes. Statewide, a grand total of 88. I think even I could do better.

Meanwhile, a guy actually named Mad Max, of the right-wing American Independent Party, got 999 votes locally. Go figure.

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