These Tenants Have Had Their Fill

You’re the slumlord who, for years, has had little or no regard for his tenants. Because our complex has a relaxed atmosphere with few strict rules, and because you’ve been patient with us on the rent from time to time, we’ve been patient when repairs took longer than they would have at other apartment complexes. We’ve even tolerated the entering of our apartments without prior notification (which, by the way, is illegal). But this time, you went too far! I am referring to the stunt you pulled just before Memorial Day weekend when, without prior warning or explanation, you drained the swimming pool. Then, as if to say, “Screw you!” to all of your tenants, you proceeded to have the pool filled in. Just like that! No apologies, no compensation, nothing! Yes, we know there was a problem with the pool light and the city was ordering you to fix it, so why didn’t you just repair the damn thing? Could it really have been cheaper to fill it in? Doubtful. Maybe it’s time we tenants took some action ourselves! Don’t like that idea? Well, screw you!


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