The Ten Commandments

Get your pre-Easter, pre-New Testament on this week with late NRA king Charlton Heston and his oh-so-suave parting of the Red Sea in one of the few stories from the Good Book that doesn’t involve stoning your wife to death for having her menstrual cycle. Yes, before starring in such liberal fare as Soylent Green (it’s people, duh) and Planet of the Apes (damn, dirty things), Heston became forever embedded in American mythology as God, or at least His favorite earthling du jour, Moses, who makes sure all Jewish Exodus-y hell breaks loose in sand land. Filled with burning bushes, like Anne Baxter and Yvonne de Carlo, director Cecil B. DeMille’s glossy Biblical send-up is the premiere talk-back ’50s classic. Just beware of lightning bolts.

Wed., April 20, 7 p.m., 2011

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