The Shining

If you've yet to see The Shining, then you're missing out on one what's described by Martin Scorsese as one the most terrifying films ever made. Directed by Stanley Kubrik, the film's protagonist, Jack Torrance (epically played by Jack Nicholson), takes his wife and son with him to the Overlook hotel where he undertakes a temporary custodian job in order to work on his writing. Eventually, all three get snowed in—and it's not cabin fever that's to blame for the ensuing chaos, but rather ghosts who soon begin to wield their evil influence on Jack. His son Danny, who has clairvoyance, realizes the dangerous and deadly past of the hotel through a series of horrific premonitions. Can Danny and his mother escape the Jack's neurotic, terrorizing self? Don't miss this psycho-horror classic screening just in time for Halloween.

Wed., Oct. 24, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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