The Rub's 'History of Hip-hop' Mixtape Series

Brooklyn trio the Rub have done some insanely thorough curating with their series of yearly rundowns of the best (in their learned opinions) hip-hop tracks. They've strung together dozens of gems for every year from 1979 to 1999 (you can access the MP3 files here). That is some serious dedication and edification, boom-bap aficionados.

Below are a few videos from some of my faves that the Rub have included in their pantheon.

Just-Ice's “Cold Gettin' Dumb” (1986)

Gang Starr's “Who's Gonna Take the Weight” (1990)

GZA's “Shadowboxing” (1995)

Fu-Schnickens' “Ring the Alarm” (1992)

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