The North Left Launches Updated Lunch Menu

It's common knowledge that The North Left is a solid place to grab dinner. More often than not, our friends head there for drinks. What we didn't realize was that they're also open for lunch. Nobody ever talks about it, so we assumed it wasn't. Wrong.

They've been serving lunch for so long, in fact, that a brand new menu came out this past Friday. While we only ordered a tuna melt and chips ($12) with our Chester Copperpot cocktail, our bartender was kind enough to explain some of the updated comfort food.


Ryan and Aron's consistent kitchen kept most of the smaller plates like the BBQ < maple < bourbon chicken nuggets, Brussels sprouts and fries. Instead of a poutine, you'll see a petite green veggie salad ($4) dressed in a lemon vinaigrette. Over in the dedicated salad section, you'll still find both a frisee duck version and the chopped vegetable with romaine. Newbies include steak mixed with corn and quinoa ($11), plus a smoked trout one plated alongside watercress and escarole ($14).

You'll spot the most changes in the North Left's sandwich selection. From a BLTA & E(gg) for $11, to a brussel sauerkraut Reuben for the same price, there is some serious grubbing over here. At first we thought the $5 spike in their Government Issue grilled cheese was odd, but instead of deciding between soup or greens or chips, you get all three. And don't fret about the bar burger– it hasn't gone anywhere.

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