The Magoski Arts Colony Is Calling All Artists For The First Time Ever

The Magoski Arts Colony remains OC's unlikeliest creative space, a collective of artists that congregate in their Downtown Fullerton headquarters mere steps from the debauchery of DTF yet quietly thriving as a Shangri-La full of innovation and vitality. The colony earned its shy reputation for only opening its doors to the public every first Friday of the month for Fullerton Art Walk and only inviting artists through internal connections to join their community.

But now, for the first time in the group's six years, the Magoski Arts Colony has issued an open call for artists to submit their work for their upcoming “America the…” exhibition kicking off October 7th through November 4th in their APERO Gallery. 

“It's sort of the Fight Club for art,” jokes Oscar Arroyo, an artist with the colony, as he describes the collective's solitude.  Yet a high interest to join the community of artists around Orange County and beyond influenced the colony's decision to issue an open call. “There's a fear of moving forward and letting people experience who we are,” says Esther Jacks, curator of APERO Gallery, about the Magoski sacred space. “The next stage is to open the doors to the public,” she adds, as plans for the colony's doors to remain open two to three times a week are under discussion too.  “We want people to come in and experience how we create art.”  

The gallery's open invitation is also a way for the Magoski Arts Colony to support established and emerging local talent that may be overlooked from mainstream galleries and to bring awareness to Downtown Fullerton's art scene. Michael Magoski founder of the Magoski Arts Colony says mainstream galleries “don't even want to take a look at artists who aren't established,” yet at the colony every artist who submits their work will be considered and/or chosen based on the quality of work and their passion, not their notoriety. 

With presidential elections just around the corner, Jacks and Magoski decided that an exhibit with artists' interpretations of “America” would be an important theme to generate a progressive discussion about the state of this country today. “America means many different things to many different people; everything from hope, and beauty, to triumph and despair,”  the exhibit's summary reads. “We want you the artist to show us your interpretation of “America the…”

Everything from non-political to controversial pieces will be considered for showing in the juried “America the…” exhibition. “We're not here to censor…the artists should never be told what to create,” says Jacks. “If it's quality art, we'll still show it,” says Magoski. 

As believers of open, honest, and peaceful discussions, the colony experienced previous political exhibitions that sparked progressive discourse such as their Kelly Thomas memorial art show in 2012. Magoski says that exhibit brought a contentious community together—the gallery saw Fullerton Police Department (FPD) and FPD protestors peacefully gather. 

“We [Magoski Arts Colony] are a sanctuary for self-expression…America is everyone trying to be themselves,” says Magoski, “Don't be afraid to try to express yourself, that's what America is.” 

Art submissions for “America the…” end September 16th. You can find more information about the open call here. 
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