The Magic Bus

I'm not sure who to thank here—God? Allah? Luck? Jeebus? Gravity?—but whatever made my VW Bus not crash on a busy street, thanks. I was in a rush when I parked my Westfalia in the parking lot, which sloped directly onto busy-ass Main Street in Orange. I put on the parking brake but didn't leave it in gear, and I didn't notice my bus roll onto Main as I rushed to get my breakfast. Ten minutes later, there was my VW on Main, straight as an arrow in the right-hand lane, a row of cars idling behind it. There should've been an accident, yet somehow, not only did the bus roll down in a way that let oncoming traffic think someone was reversing (so drivers would slow down), but also it turned enough on its own so it lined up seamlessly within the lane. Thank you, again, invisible forces—now excuse me while I invest in a better parking brake.

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