The Los Angeles Blues of Fullerton and the Logo That Will Bring LA and OC Together

The Los Angeles Blues will sport a new logo when they take to the pitch this year. We know, we know: who the fuck are the Los Angeles Blues? The Blues play fútbol in the United Soccer League's National Division. And they're playing home games at Cal State Fullerton

The club is all a'flutter about their new logo, judging by the announcement on the its website. The blue shield was designed to be “a unique blend of (the) Fullerton-based club's Los Angeles roots, commitment to Orange County.”

Insert Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim joke here.


The shield logo apparently is a mish-mash of the ones used by Arsenal and the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Blues say it closely resembles…wait for it…”the shape used in interstate highway signs, such as those seen along Southern California's I-5, which connects Los Angeles to the Fullerton region and stretches through all of Orange County.”

We didn't know there was a “Fullerton region,” but still appreciate the club's effort to “connect” Angelenos with our fair county's residents through the power of a minor league sports logo.

The Blues' new shield is a veritable canvas of symbolism: 

“The mountains seen in the new crest are another connecting element between the club's past as an amateur side and its promising future in the professional game. Southern California is known throughout the world for its majestic mountain ranges, which serve as beautiful backdrops for both Downtown Los Angeles and the Blues' new home, Cal State Fullerton's Titan Stadium. The scenic view is symbolic of the club's vision of success and its drive to constantly reach for the summit, while mountains also stand for steadfastness and strength… 

The wings seen on the far left and right of the logo are an allusion to the “City of Angels,” while also symbolizing the club's geographic and philosophical journey to Fullerton and a bright future in the professional game.”

Really? Come now, Blues. Does anyone make a philosophical journey to Fullerton?
It makes one wonder if Florida-based Dixon Minear Design Marketing had a firm grasp of the city when they tried to tell its story on a jersey patch.

What, no soccer ball getting pummeled by Fullerton's finest? How about a referee red-carding a tow truck driver?

“Finally, the color dubbed Midnight Hour Blue is the darkest shade of blue found in the logo. It represents the quiet night after a Blues match and the feeling of satisfaction that comes form (sic) a convincing victory and a job well done by the team.”

That's damn-near Walt Whitman-esque. Anyone else feel like smoking a cigarette and spooning?

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