The Kroft Finally Now Open In Tustin

It was more like 44 days instead of our original prediction of 30 before The Kroft was ready for business. It doesn't matter now, because they opened to the public last Friday for lunch.

Comforting diners across from Portola Coffee Lab, the second location (their original is based in Anaheim) for Stephen Le and Matthew Tong contains a few extra bells and whistles. For example, a super-sized rotisserie and smoker allow for some menu development. One can spy the equipment as you walk around the corner closest to Central Bar.


Speaking of that menu, two new items are on the Tustin roster that weren't advertised on their boards. Photographed is an order of chicken katsu curry fries (pause to chew on that mouthful). Plus, a Mediterranean version featuring harissa and tzatziki sauces, with a hint of Halal Guys inspiration. Favorites like the house fried chicken sandwich, cheese curds and short rib poutine are definitely available. We only hope they learned from their first launch and keep the kitchen well-stocked.

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