The Kooks

They’re nice, they’re sweet, they listen to your problems—they’re the boys next door and they don’t understand why you won’t date them. The Kooks are the epitome of the vaguely-good-looking guy friends who just happen to have adorable English accents, cute outfits and three wildly successful albums under their collective belt. Oh, and they’re coming to Orange County to woo you with their catchy indie pop tunes—just know this show is going to be awesome. The Kooks thrive touring, deciding to do a series of live shows after being signed to Virgin rather than record. Bring a date, or better yet, a possible more-than-friend, because who knows? Wistful, longing, unrequited-love-centered indie pop might just be all you need.

Thu., March 1, 8 p.m., 2012

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