The Joy of Tea

Excuse the hell out of us, but when we hear about large, fragrant leaves compressed into bricks that become more flavorful, complex and mellow, we start hunting up the beanbag, our old tapes of TV’s Kung Fu, a sixer of cream soda and the phone number for Midnight Muncheez. That the actual substance at hand—tea—is the old-school nickname for weed/dope/grass/ganja only gets us more confused, man. For a primo primer on the drinkable stuff, you won’t do any better than aficionado Linda Louie, owner of the Bana Tea Company, whose product is purveyed in the Bowers store. This week, she teaches the essentials of the Gongfu tea ceremony and brewing techniques. A tea tasting follows. We’ll share a, uh, pot, okay?

Sun., Jan. 29, 2012

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