The Jerk

In 1979, wild and crazy guy Steve Martin threw in the stand-up towel (after generating crowds bigger than rock stars while on tour) to co-write and star in his first feature film about “poor black child” Navin R. Johnson, who one day realizes that he is not black, loves Lawrence Welk music, and has a very special purpose. Martin’s absurdist turn as the endearing moron with a dog named Shit-Head who goes from rags to riches and back again—and along the way supports important causes like the fight against cat juggling—made him and The Jerk box office hits and comedy royalty. So, heat up your Cup O’ Pizza and put on your Opti-Grabs and catch a comedy classic that never goes out of style—just like your thermos.

Wed., May 23, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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