The I Hate David Sedaris Fan Club

In this week's thrilling episode of OC Weekly, Nadia Afghani previews this Sunday's Long Beach Terrace show by author/storyteller/Amy's brother David Sedaris. But our friends in the East Village Arts District present an alternate take on Mr. S. Take it away, village people . . .

I was listening to David Sedaris on NPR and reading David Sedaris' “Dress Your Family In Denim And Coudoury ” when I saw David Sedaris from my bathroom window. He was in town to check out the acoustics at the Terrace Theatre to perfect his legendary comic timing before his big show on April 23rd. I yelled down to him, asking him how that “Prairie Home” companion thing was going but he couldn't hear me so he came up for clarification purposes and a stale FANTA. Sedaris told me about all of his new projects, like his upcoming book “How To Dress Your Family Up Like Freaking Retards” and his debut into excretory panting with his mixed media piece, “Me Dookie Pretty One Day.” I really had nothing to say to him after that, and he of course had nothing to say at all, but just before he went home, we did take a solemn moment to consider the lobster. Wait. Wrong David?
Tosh Middledorf and the Linden Lollygagger staff

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