The Hood Internet Performing at the Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, 3/26

ABX (Aaron Brinks) and STV SLV
(Steve Reidell) tap into the vast track reserves of their favorite artists to
pay them homage both in mash-ups that stretch the limits of hip-hop, R&B,
indie rock, and electronic music, and in the tongue-in-cheek Photoshopped
pictures they attach to them. 
The Hood Internet has recently brought Drake and
Birdman together on a track with Delorean (“Blowin' Money at the Deli”), brokered collusion between MIA and
Vampire Weekend (“Giving Up The Sunshowers”), and even saw Ke$ha hook up with Yacht (“Summer of Tik Tok”).
After the Jump: interview with STV SLV.


The Hood Internet – Blowin' Money At The Deli (Drake x Birdman x Delorean)  by  hoodinternet 

What about all the random artists you've sampled? Have you gotten feedback from any of them?

Yeah, like real early on, you know, within a couple of months, Crystal Castles actually hit us up for a track we had done with them. They liked it. They actually had some suggestions for us. Some people have no idea that we're doing this. We're not even on some artists' consciousness, and then this track pops up and they're like, “what's the Hood Internet?” And then a reader writes about it. I would say for the 90-95 percent of feedback we've gotten back from people has been positive. Well, it's one creative thing, and for most of these artists, you know, this is obviously coming from a fan. We're fans of all the people whose music we mash up.

It's a big compliment to them, I'm sure.

Sure, I mean, in general, it can't really hurt them.

That's true. Have you been asked to collaborate with any of them or help them come up with new beats?

Some bands have sent us tracks, or an instrumental so we don't have to chop up the instrumental from the song itself. This Aesop Rock track we did, Rosebuds sent us all the splits for that song “Get Up, Get Out.” As far as a full-on collaboration, that's sort of what we're in the middle of doing, with a bunch of people, for the Hood Internet record we're working on. It's not really, I mean, it isn't a mash-up record at all. It's an original production where we're getting little bits and pieces of stuff from artists that we've met along the way, along with many of our friends from Chicago.

So, this is mainly to promote your show at the Detroit Bar. Have you guys performed in Orange County before? I mean, what do you think of Orange County in general?

I have personally never performed in Orange County before. I can't speak for ABX, but I don't think so. I know The Hood Internet hasn't. The few things I know about the OC–the show and the movie starring Colin Hanks. What I understand was that both of those were documentaries about the area so…

Ha! I think you're in for a surprise then. I think you'll have fun.

Listen, I live in the Midwest in the winter, so the prospect of California, while winter is coming to a close here, is pretty delightful. Especially Southern California.

Hopefully you have a pretty big impact here. The mash-up scene isn't that big just yet, though it's growing…

It's funny, because I don't think there really will ever be a mash-up “scene.” You know, what we do is sort of a silly, bastardization form of music, but I think what will be good is we sort of treat our DJ set like–it's not necessarily 100 percent mash-up. We might throw in some tracks from people we've been listening to lately. It's just about the end result. It's just what people coming to the show will recognize and dance to. I think it'll be a lot of fun. We've been playing a lot of cities for the first time recently and no matter what the size of the crowd, everybody seems to have a good time. So hopefully that holds true for Costa Mesa.

The Hood Internet with Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow), Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, Friday (Mar. 26th). Tickets ($10) available online. Click for more info.

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