The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, November 9

May McDonough and Company
Detroit Bar
Behold! One of LA's premier groups mixing up a flavorful blend of garage and lo-fi with such a noisey joie de vie. Wax Children have been at the psychedelic pop sound for quite some time, and coming from the land of El Lay, they're in good company with other bands from the Lolipop records label. Try to count all the goosebumps you'll get once you hear such the big sound emanating from the speakers. Good vibes all around tonight at Detroit Bar with May McDonough and Company and Deep Fields. (Aimee Murillo)


Tapioca and the Flea
The Constellation Room
Over the last few months, Tapioca and the Flea's profile boost in the eyes of indie rock tastemakers comes on the heels of a relentless radio campaign inspired by front man Samuel Lopez's new and improved sound bolstered by a band full of his best friends and roommates. Right around the time stations like 89.9 FM KCRW and 98.7 ALT FM began to take notice, Lopez–along with drummer Matt McClanahan, guitarist Ronnie Knott and bassist/keyboardist Frank Alva–were already on a mission to play key gigs like Silverlake's Jubliee Fest well as packed shows at Bardot and House of Blues. Currently, the band is on the cusp of releasing their new EP in the fall. Catch their residency every Monday this month at the Constellation Room. (Nate Jackson)

Tuesday, December 10
The Olms
The Constellation Room
Musician Pete Yorn and artist/musician J.D. King both carry the effervescent sound of retro pop mixed with contemporary indie rock in their collaboration called The Olms. Filled with a sunny, devil-may-care warmth, attributable to multiple instruments and a folk rock charm, there's something familiar about The Olms' music. For fans of classic '60s folk rockstar Donovan, some of The Olms' songs will fill you with a dreamy haziness best seen in the flesh. See them tonight close up at The Constellation Room. (Aimee Murillo)

Thursday, December 12

The Observatory
Desert­dwelling singer/songwriter/indie rocker Lissie makes music for (and probably inspired by) the corridor­city hippie witches and warlocks who stare for hours at the cover of Fleetwood Mac's and wonder what it'd be like to live that kind of tragedy and triumph for real. Science can't help too much with that yet, at least until we perfect a Mac­ification Machine, but Lissie's newest (out now on Fat Possum and Columbia) is steeped in the kind of big­sound radio pop that Buckingham and Nicks poured directly into a billion suburban stereos. Some people out there are calling the break­up album of the year, but it's more like the break­open album of the year–a set of songs about cracking circumstance in half and (hell yeah!) going your own way. (Chris Ziegler)

Third Eye Blind
House of Blues Anaheim
Those of us old enough to remember the glory years of grunge also remember the horrors of the post­grunge era. The airwaves were flooded with middling, pseudo­rock faire that gave rise to the likes of Matchbox 20 and Creed. But Bay­ area band Third Eye Blind were one of the few standouts. Ditching the faux angst and chugging guitars for songs like “Semi­Charmed Life,” which featured sunny melodies and lyrics about crystal meth (instead of heroin), the band's self­ titled debut produced a slew of singles. Currently working on their fifth album, the band proved their staying power well into the new millennium. Check 'em out this week and see for yourself that back in the late '90s, not all music was total shit. (Brandon Ferguson)

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