The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

Monday, September 16

Detroit Bar
Santoros' Detroit Bar residency has been flipping amazing thus far, bringing various Lolipop records artists to come and support the long-haired rock group every Monday night for free. Drinking Flowers is another such band to look out for; their fuzzy guitar is supported by calm, echo-y vocals and reverb, sounding like a calmer, more toned down version of Thee Oh Sees. Simultaneously reminiscent of the drony alt-rock of the early '90s and the trippy incantations of Syd Barrett, the stage will surely reverberate with Drinking Flowers' hypnotic sound, and perhaps inspire some deeper moods within you. Playing tonight with fellow psych- alt rockers Santoros, Levitation Room and Mr Elevator and The Brain Hotel. (Aimee Murillo)


Wednesday, September 18

Rubber City Rebels
Alex's Bar
The winds of war are blowin' again, and there's little the proletariat can do except swallow the chunks of chaos and carnage that apparently even purported agents of “change” spew down our throats. Your only recourse is to slamdance the shit out of the equally disillusioned and weary, or headbang your gray matter slushy; doing so to the Rubber
City Rebels, the legendary protopunk band from Ohio who landed on the map after a raucous performance at CBGB when they opened for the Dead Boys in 1977, is highly suggested. Uplifters such as “Annoyed, Destroye and Unemployed” should please and don't be surprised if “I Wanna Pierce My Brain” actually sounds like a good idea in another week. Also on the bill are the most excellent girl-fronted duo, White Murder, and that means there'll be a hell of a lot of cathartic, seething, shrieking to
go around. (SR Davies)

Polynesian Underground: The Steppas
Detroit Bar
The Polynesian Underground entertainment collaboration describes themselves as “a community of people who believe in the power of 'Ohana,' the joys and good vibrations of friendship and the concept of 'One Love,' based on the spirit of 'Aloha!'” If ever there was a mission statement that we could get behind, it's that one. This week at Detroit Bar, Polynesian Underground brings those good vibrations in the musical forms of The Steppas, Rian Basillio and the Roosters, and Ezzrah. The Steppas, a reggae trio from Hawaii, this night's headliners, are still enjoying the acclaim from 2013 sophomore effort The Love Shack, which debuted on reggae charts across the board. Don't miss this show filled with easy-going, upbeat island reggae–and then pick up The Steppas' first full-length album, due early next year. (Erin DeWitt)


Thursday, September 19

Constellation Room
Virginia's Parachute make pop music that probably sounds better and better as the sound system gets bigger and bigger–this is mass-market rock that's more about the mass than the market, with gigantic songs designed to pretty much cruise-missile right into the Top 40, or at least the hidden speakers in the mall ceiling. New single “Can't Help” is a deftly machined hopeful hit, with the kind of seamless didn't-expect-that feel (although you realize later that you did kind of expect it) that ambitious songwriters from Motown to Hall N Oates to Katy Perry all try and capture. Their “big break” might have come in an actual commercial, but they've been relentless ever since. Think of them as the band equivalent of Mr. Right Now–because if you're into this, you're probably not yet even looking for a band to be Mr. Right. (Chris Ziegler)

Friday, September 20

Trails and Ways
The Glass House
Trails and Ways blazes a unique trail of music for themselves with a textured blend of rhythmic beats and dreamy guitars washing over multi-lingual lyrics. The foursome have a poetic pop sound influenced by a range of interesting influences from soft bossa nova to Stereolab, yet clearly paying tribute to '80s pop and post punk. Their album Trilingual is highly refreshing altogether and crafts a sunny outlook in different tongues. Check out their lush indie sound tonight at the Glass House with Stars. (Aimee Murillo)

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