The Five Best Shows in OC This Week: Tropicool, Voodoo Glow Skulls

Monday, October 22

Funk Jam Hosted By Delta Nove

Long Beach band Delta Nove bring the good
kind of funk to Monday nights every week at the underground lounge and
nightclub Harvelle's. This live music funk jam (plus special guest DJs
weekly) is a sure fire cure for any leftover traces of weekend
withdrawal–or if you just need to break it down and celebrate surviving
the most dreaded of workdays. Be prepared to throw a few back, though,
this event is strictly two drink minimum (oh, darn), but with such a
cheap cover, we're sure your wallet won't mind. Live funk from one of
the area's hardest working bands, plus an excuse to drink on a Monday?
Now that sounds like a pretty funkin' good time.

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The Yost Theater

At age 24, Troy Beetles–who records and performs under the alias Datsik–is one of the OGs of the biggest EDM movement of his generation: North American dubstep. Love it or hate it, you cannot escape the womp-y electronica that has permeated so far into the mainstream that it's as commonplace in TV commercials as it is in the clubs. None of that matters to Beetles; he's an artist creating on the cusp of the genre, which has already begun to evolve from the grinding, Galaga-style noise that's come to define dubstep's mainstream. He favors a more minimal approach–“TrapStyle,” as it is coming to be known among EDM connoisseurs, a throwback to the U.K. style that pre-dates its American counterpart. On Monday, Datsik rolls into the Yost theater with Terravita, Xkore and Getter. –Adam Lovinus

 Tuesday, October 23

Radical Something
The Observatory

Some things just flow naturally–and for the
trio of Josh Cocktail, Loggy and Big Red (yes, those are their names),
they met, decided to make some music, and two months later had a debut
album that scoured the top 10 on the iTunes Alternative charts. This
summer, the SoCal group released a song every week from their Take a Hit
album, free and clear, with the entire record available now, completely
gratis. If Dirty Heads is getting a little played out for your taste,
give these boys a listen. They've got that sun-and-sand,
rap-mixed-with-lush-chorus thing down pat. And if California beach-goers
love one thing, it's music that reminds them of summer all year long.

Thursday, October 25

Detroit Bar

disco meets hipster sleaze at this week's Tropicool show at Costa
Mesa's Detroit Bar. Santa Barbara's David La Melza is the man behind the
music–a blend of electronic dance party hooks inspired by a land of
blue waters and hot nights. He considers himself a “curator of Hawaiian
shirts, frosty nips, and freelance gynecologist in the alley behind your
girlfriend's house,” but we don't think he's actually that creepy.
While La Melza recently released a tape of funky island disco a few
weeks back, you can play any one of Tropicool's mixtapes (there are
many) for instant party ambiance the next time you break out the blender
and tiny cocktail umbrellas
–Erin DeWitt

Voodoo Glowskulls

The Juke Joint

it up for Voodoo Glow Skulls, a third wave ska band from whose success
in the 1990's, has continued through the first decade of the new
millennium. They're known for a high energy, punk infused jams backed by
wind instruments and a manic reggae vibe. Remember the days when they
used to play the Showcase Theater in Corona? Of course you don't,
whipper snapper!
–Brandon Ferguson

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