The Five Best Shows in O.C. This Week: Nov. 26-30

Monday, November 26

Newfound Glory
The Glass House

If you're old enough to remember the Inland Invasion, a punk festival held in 2002–shame on you–you're too old to be reading about this crap. For those who don't remember, that was the year New Found Glory opened for the Sex Pistols, and were promptly booed off the stage. Hey, it was a different time, audiences still had a little integrity. For those of you still into the band, don't fret, even we sort of like singer Jordan Pundik's strident-as- hell emo warble. Hey, who said Weeklings had to have integrity? — Brandon Ferguson
Tuesday, November 27

Speach Impediments
House of Blues Anaheim

There aren't too many times a year when you get to see the OC hip-hop scene come out in force. Which is why it often takes a galvanizing pack like Orange-based rap group Speach Impediments to turn the House of Blues Anaheim into a true boom bap sanctuary for often celebrated, rarely seen local acts who've got the lyrical chops to dissect any wack emcees that stand in their path. S.I. comes together once again to celebrate the long-awaited release of their new album Cobwebs, melding Jurassic 5 fury with homemade OC swag. Their joined by a handful of capable crews including Rhythm Writers, Rhyme Addicts and more.–Nate Jackson

Wednesday, November 28

Kid Ink
The Glass House

Behind the studio glass, commanding the sound boards is where Kid Ink started his career, mixing beats for the likes of P Diddy and Sean Kingston–but with such a natural talent for creating seamless hooks and loops, it was only a matter of seconds before he picked up a microphone. The 24-year old MC Kid Ink, named for his sprawling mass of tattoos (he's covered pretty much entirely from the jawline down, including a few choice spots on his face), erupted onto the scene with a debut mix tape, appropriately titled Crash Landing, that hit 50,000 downloads with its first ten days. Now, he's worked with everyone from Tyga to 2Chainz to Chris Brown, but Kid Ink shines brightly on his own with a tireless work ethic, a constant outpour of new music and a collection of music videos that are, actually, pretty damn good.–Erin DeWitt

Thursday, November 29

Bad Brains
The Observatory

Bad Brains is the legendary D.C. punk band known among other things for pioneering the hardcore punk genre. Of course back in the early 80s, hardcore meant an entirely different thing than it does today. But in true punk spirit Bad Brains expertly infused their hi-energy sound with other styles from reggae to metal. The band has experienced its fair share of intergroup turmoil and the members aren't getting younger. Now's the time to check them out. — Brandon Ferguson

Friday, November 30

Paul Banks
The Observatory

In case you didn't know, Paul Banks is the lead singer of post-punk band Interpol. No longer operating under the nom de plume Julian Plenti, he makes music that sounds suspiciously like Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Perhaps Curtis isn't dead, and he's the one operating under a stage persona. Hmmmm. –Brandon Ferguson

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