The Bruesicle at Bruery Terreux: Our Beer of the Week!

Bruesicle: KICAPI
Popsicle style blended Sour at Bruery Terreux Photo by Robert Flores

Along with the growth of craft beer and breweries in our region we are witnessing an explosion of creativity with brewers. Developing new experimental brew styles and some rediscovered, such as the Kentucky Common which goes back to the mid 1800’s – a hearty beer for the everyday cattle rustler.  

The good folks at Bruery Terreux recently introduced Bruesicles, a super-fruited sour using vanilla and lactose. They’re part of the Bruery (founded by Patrick Rue in 2008) and opened in 2016 so they could keep their wild yeast based beers separate from their other barrel aged brews. At Bruery Terreux they are free to experiment with various yeasts and ingredients without contaminating other batches of non-wild beer. The Tasting Room is cozy with a full view of the wooden barrels. Theres an outside patio and food trucks visit frequently, and even though it gets crowded most days the beer line moves pretty quickly. There are well over 40 beers on tap including their Offshoot Beer Co. hazy IPA’s. 

Bruesicle OG (4%ABV), is a smoothie-style blended Sour with orange, guava, vanilla and lactose. I love this guava beer – there’s just enough sweetness that blends perfectly with the orange citrus for a juicy and refreshing finish.

A burst of kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, vanilla and Lactose create this popsicle-style sour. Bruesicle KICAPI (4% ABV) is a passion fruit treat perfect for Sunday brunch!

If you need something a bit more hoppy try the Humulus Terreux (6.3% ABV) with Mosiac hops and fermented with Brett, the finish is balanced with bitterness. The Offshoot Beer Co. I Know You Are Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV) is brewed with Mosaic, Amarillo and El Dorado hops for a hazy hop bomb that will quench your thirst. With so many choices we recommend tasters, then repeat as necessary. Cheers!

Bruery Terreux, 1112 N, Grove St., Anaheim, (714)338-9161;

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