The Bruery Provisions Closing January 13 :(

It's too early for April Fool's, so we had to take seriously the news floating around Facebook this morning, when our friends at The Bruery posted the following excerpts (the full message can be found online):

We at The Bruery regret to announce that we will be closing our retail shop & tasting area in Old Towne Orange, The Bruery Provisions, on Sunday, January 13th.

Our decision to shut the doors did not come easy.

believe that this change will help us focus our efforts on brewing and
distributing the best and most creative beer we can possibly brew and
provide our customers with the best craft beer experience they can find.

The Bruery's Founder & CEO, Patrick Rue, also offers a few words off their website at this link.
However, when we click, the site was down– probably due to bummed
folks like us who now crave charcuterie and cheese sandwiches with our
beer thanks to them.

Wait . . .we got thru. In an expanded version of their announcement, Rue quotes Winston Churchill, “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It is, instead, the end of the beginning.

Also included is a comprehensive FAQ, featuring questions from concerned beer drinkers addressing issues such as gift certificates (they'll be good in their tasting room in Placentia), and more importantly, what will happen with all that beer? Well, public sale of non-Bruery beer, food, and merchandise will be for sale at a 30% discount beginning Thursday and through the weekend. Guess we'll be grocery shopping up in Orange this week.

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