The Bookman Used Book Store in Orange’s Move Delayed, but Will Happen, Folks!

Bookman the Third on Katella Avenue–coming soon! (via the Bookman)

We’ve got a state-of-the-Bookman Book Store update hot off the old Gutenberg for you, bookworms! The beloved used bookstore which has supplied Orange County with a bevy of books of all flavors and tastes since the days of the first Bush administration has moved from it’s original location on Tustin Avenue in Orange after falling on the wrong side of some long-term lease legalese.

While the Bookman found and secured a new location still in Orange, their projected move-in date to their new digs on 320 E. Katella Avenue has been delayed thanks to a new chapter of the Bookman Moving Saga titled “Fun with City Bureaucracy!”.  

The Bookman announced via the Facebook on Tuesday that owners David Hess and Paul Bonaventure Jr are still hard at work transitioning between locations, but building at the new location has been delayed due to the slow moving wheels of city permitting processes. “The construction for the new location has been set back pending approval of city permits,” explained the book men via the status update. “Unfortunately the Bookman opening has been delayed. However we are working diligently to be up and running by Mid October.”

So hopefully by this time next month we’ll have an update for you on the next installment of the Bookman’s Big Move series. Here’s hoping the city will write up those permits faster than it takes George R. R. Martin to write the Winds of Winter, am I right?!

You can peep our previous coverage of the Bookman’s Big Move right here. Consider contributing to the on-going GoFundMe fundraising campaign here to make Bookman’s new digs groovier than ever.  

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