The Best OC Metal Concerts in June

Mac Sabbath (Courtesy of the band)

Once again we find ourselves at the beginning of the summer season, and in Southern California, we are not only blessed with great weather, but also the number of metal concerts in the region. June is just the start of the concert and music festival season and if you are a metal head this is good news for you. This month, we offer up metalcore, OG hardcore punk, black metal, doom, power metal and even a metal meets Mexican Mariachi hybrid band. Here are the best metal concerts coming to the OC and surrounding areas this month. 


The Grove of Anaheim, June 15

Swedish power metal band Hammerfall has been going strong for now over 20 years with their epic, melodic and loud version of traditional heavy metal along with battle hymns and songs inspired by mythical tales.  The musicianship is top notch and the songs are dramatic and full of passion, which is all the more reason this live concert at the Grove in Anaheim should be a fantastic experience. Hammerfall is a band that rarely tours, so if you are a fan, this would be a show not to miss. Special guests will be the American proto-Flotsamrock thrashers, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Mac Sabbath and Metalachi

The Observatory, June 16

With Mac Sabbath, you aren’t just getting any average old Black Sabbath cover bands, and Lord knows, there are tons of them out there. What Mac Sabbath brings is a dark humor and demented vibe that is based on Fast Food and consumer culture. This is music that might describe a visit to McDonald’s by the killer clowns from outer space. The dangers and disturbing nature of super-sizing your meal have never sounded so bizarre. Along with Mac Sabbath, the Observatory also welcomes one of the most unique sounding, and hardest working touring bands out there, Metalachi, a band of musicians and characters who brilliantly but oddly fuse together hard rock and heavy metal cover songs, and traditional Mexican Mariachi music. You might hear a cover of Slayer, Iron Maiden,  Motley Crue or even bands like Queen, Kiss Metallica and Rush,  and many more. For fans of eccentric, entertaining live music this show’s for you.


Volumes, Upon a Burning Body

Chain Reaction in Anaheim, June 22 

LA-based neo proggy metalcore band Volumes will play a special show for fans in Anaheim as part of their 2018 tour with ultra heavy metalcore band Upon a Burning Body.  Volumes was formed in 2009, and ever since has slowly built up a following of fans who are into proggy yet heavy metalcore which has also been a part of the djent scene.  With music that is emotional and technical in sound and nature, fans will get an intimate experience witnessing Volumes at the Chain Reaction. This show in Anaheim also features special guests The White Noise and Convictions.


Sixes, Sicarius, Witch Casket, The Sleeping Sea King

The Slidebar, June 24 

LA-based sludge metal band Sixes brings  a dissonant brand of doom metal and sludgy hard rock that will make anyone think twice about the importance of amplification distortion. If you only had one word to describe the band it would have to be: Heavy. Plus this show is all about local talent, in the form of extreme metal, so be sure to catch Southern California black metal bands Sicarius and Witch Casket, along with heavy rockers The Sleeping Sea King. The best part about this show, aside from the locally bred talented metal bands, is the fact that this is a FREE show, the best kind of show The Slidebar should have a packed house for this one.

Bleeding Through 

The Observatory, June 28

In 2013, when it was anounced that OC’s heavy hitting metalcore band Bleeding Through were calling it quits, many wondered if the decision would be permanent. Now, five years later, fans are learing the answer, the band’s history wasn’t put down for good in 2013, as it was recently anounced Bleeding Through would embark on at comback, at least for the show in Santa Ana on June 28, at the Observatory. When you mix in the meoldic hardcore, and hints of black metal and European style death metal shredding along with the chugging hardcore beats andbreakdowns, Bleeding Through’s shows have always been extremely high energy and the pits contain enough velocity to power  rocket. But, definitely expect to experience the hardcore dancing and flopping of body parts as a way to release anger, in the form of a circle pit. There is no doubt that this show will go off, as Bleeding Through has some of the most insane interactive and passionate fans who show up at their shows.

Sick of it All, Murphy’s Law

The Constellation Rooom-Observatory, June 28

At the same time, on the same night as Bleeding Through, just in the smaller more intimate Constellation Room located in the Observatory, this  show will also draw in a crowd. Sick of It All are not newcomers to the hardcore scene and have been busting their asses in the trenches of the punk/metal world for now three decades. With a heavy dose of New York attitude and sound, these boys will bring back the OG hardcore punk/crossover sound that the band has helped to create, which has influecned myriads of musicians, including Bleeding Through who are headlining the main stage. Be sure to also catch legendary  New York punk band Murphy’s Law, who have also in their own right influenced generations of angry, young musicians who liked punk rock to form bands of their own. This will be one for the old-school heads, as well as youngsters hoping to see two glorious yet aging   punk bands from a generation earlier while they still have a chance.

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