The Best MTV Spring Break Memories

This week, college students around the country said “TTYL” to midterms and blew off some serious steam at numerous exotic ports of call for Spring Break. But for the select few of us who don't happen to be wild college co-eds at the moment, we have the opportunity to experience these vivacious vacations vicariously via MTV's annual Spring Break! While this year, MTVU is resurrecting Spring Break for a whole new generation in Can Cun, the internet offers no shortage of classic spring break romps for us to properly break spring with wonderful moments from our past. Here's Five Unforgettable MTV Spring Break Memories


Spring Break Megamix Performances
Since 1986, MTV's Spring Break has boasted a staggering amount of artist performances from chart toppers having a beachside victory lap for their recent success, to obscure up-and-comers looking to break out. Everyone from Wang Chung to Was (Not Was) to Ween has taken the stage though generations of MTV programming such as “Club MTV” and “Fashionably Loud.” To run the scope of the first half of the Spring Break legacy, here's a megamix of every single MTV Spring Break performance from 1986 through 1998.

Pizza Tug Of War
While every generation of adults seems to complain about the debauchery that MTV presents, the particular brand of insanity that the Daytona Beach Spring Break years presented was pretty next level. Here, John Stamos and Jennifer Tilly referee a spirited game of Tug of War played over a pit of pizza. Did we mention there's a Monster Truck involved? Only at Spring Break.

Remote Control
MTV's game show that rewarded pop culture knowledge, “Remote Control” has some of its most memorable outings in the chaos of Spring Break, including its final episode. Hosted by sidekick Colin Quinn while host Ken Ober was away filming another project, it's conclusion amongst the people who treasured it made for a fitting and fun ending to the show.


Springer Break
When you're in college, Spring Break seems cool. But, when you're in junior high, Spring Break seems like the absolute greatest event in the history of humanity. Who could be trusted to project a conscience into the Sodom and Gomorrah outside Senior Frogs than TV host Jerry Springer. At the height of his notoriety, Jerry began hosting annual “Springer Break” episodes, dealing with everything from disagreeing roommates to fantasy wish fulfillment, emphasizing that at Spring Break, anything can happen!

MTV Beach Brawl
Spring Break has also served as something of time capsule of pop culture with “what's hot” at any given year popping up on the beach wherever MTV could sandwich it in. In 1999 when professional wrestling was at its hottest, MTV invited the grapplers of WCW to lock-up in a battle royal as indie metal darlings Fear Factory jammed ringside. You didn't see a lot of Fear Factory, or wrestling for that matter, on MTV, so seeing all of this go down at once as dozens of confused spring breakers look on is the type of wonderful chaotic programming that only Spring Break can produce.

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