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Monday, October 6

Randsburg (Residency Night 1)
The Wayfarer
Sweaty, flannel folk rock is a well-known commodity in OC. But in order for us to pay attention anymore, it's practitioners really gotta stand out. That's what we're hoping from this month's Wayfarer residents, Randsburg. Birthed in Sunset Beach, the harmonies of the local four piece are well oiled and rowdy on their latest LP, A Note to My Folks, released in August. Having already sold the place out with their record release party, the stage is set at this revived Costa Mesa venue for a highly anticipated evening with support from Caroline Rose and Ranger. (Nate Jackson)


Battle for Knotfest Day 4
Good god, we hope patrons aren't hungover from Sunday Funday shenanigans, 'cuz shit's about to get loud and crazy. Tonight is the fourth OC installment of Battle for Knotfest, where bands compete for a spot at the metal festival happening later this month. The third annual Knotfest features acts like Slipknot (who conceived the event), Danzig and Anthrax–but these eager metalheads could be added to the bill: Speaking the Kings, The World Over, Your Hero is a Villian, and Forever in a Day will each thrash and scream their hearts out in a bid to win. Don't call it a popularity contest; Knotfest's tagline reads, “A happening that will awaken your darkest senses.” But as long as one of those senses is still hearing, you're good to go. (Erin DeWitt)
Tuesday, October 7

Living Colour
The Coach House
In an era when virtually no music by African-Americans is ever heard on lily-white classic-rock radio, Living Colour's ongoing presence emphasizes that blacks not only invented rock & roll, they continue to make vitally powerful rock music, even if much of it occurs out of the mainstream spotlight. The New York hard-rock quartet has been on a nostalgia kick lately, touring now to celebrate its 30th year in showbiz and frequently cranking out full-length performances of groundbreaking 1988 debut album Vivid. Vocalist Corey Glover sings now with the New Orleans funk combo Galactic, and masterful guitarist Vernon Reid has produced and worked with an endless constellation of funk, jazz and rock stars, but they're at their most thrilling when they collaborate in Living Colour. Look for a new album, Shade, this fall. (Falling James)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Honda Center
Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire when everything had just gone so right and Tom Cruise was in his car searching for a song on the radio to jam to, he spins the dial, lands on “Freefallin'” and it's like the most perfect moment ever? That's the kind of shit that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers just do, man. They rock super hard and make everyone feel good inside. Well, now you can vacate your car and listen to the legend perform live as he and the Heartbreakers take the stage at the Honda Center to serenade you with glorious music for hours. And the best part about this scenario? Rock icon Tom Petty is joined by none other than fucking Steve Winwood. Like Blind Faith and Traffic Steve Winwood. Need we say more? Just be there. (Amanda Parsons)

Wednesday, October 8

Drowners Dr. Martens #Standforsomething Tour
Constellation Room
They're the kind of poppy punk that likes to lend itself to the tag “post-punk revival,” but if you've still got the Strokes' Is This It on your iPod, then Drowners could be your new chilling-out music. Formed just three years ago in New York, Drowners released their self-titled full-length album in January, and now are cruising the country (with support from band Bully) on a tour sponsored by hip-again shoe company Dr. Martens, complete with meet-and-greet events at some of the label's stores. It's a branding strategy that's rather spot on–prepare for this audience to be a well-heeled group of tweens and teenagers. Take your little sister to bond over punkish boy bands and cute boots. (Erin DeWitt)

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