The Beach Boys Remember the Good Times and Forget Some of Their Music at the Grammy Museum

Brothels and underage drinking were a topic of discussion at the Beach Boy's 50th Anniversary Grammy Museum exhibit induction, Tuesday. Band members remembered the good ol' days when youngest member, David Marks who at 14-years-old, stole vodka from Mike Love's saxophone case while on tour, and drank until he was plastered on the wall, playfully spitting in his father's face.

For the benefit of the museum's education program, the not-so-innocent band mingled with super-fans and talked about their unique sound of luscious harmonies and lyrics. And with over 200 people in attendance, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles was crawling with excited folks who dressed in the nines and bubbled over the open bar and food catered by Wolfgang Puck.

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The nearly five-hour long event had a high price tag of up to 300 dollars for a VIP seat and allowed fans to meet and greet with the original Beach Boys, minus Carl and Dennis Wilson who have both passed away over the years. It must have been an exhausting evening for the band members who are all old enough to collect social security. Last month, founding member Al Jardine turned 70-years-old making him the forth-surviving Beach Boy to cross the 70-year mark, and just last week Brian Wilson underwent a second back surgery attempting to resolve his crippling problems.

Following the reception, VIPs were allowed to take pictures with the Beach Boys and were huddled into a small room with a stage where a Q and A session and short performance were held.

An awkward moment of the evening happened during the question and answer session when members of the Beach Boys could not remember one of their most beloved songs off Sunflower titled “All I Wanna Do.”

When asked about the song, Brian Wilson replied, “You know what? I vaguely remember it…I actually don't remember how the song goes!”

Mike Love replied, “What album was it on” to a roaring crowd of stunned guests.
The boys even suggested a new album to be recorded early next year.
“I'd like to get together with the boys and record an exciting rock and roll album…” said Wilson. “No definite plans. But sometime early next year, we'll all be ready to rock and roll.”
“I'd like to second that emotion,” said Jardine. “Lets keep the ball rolling, after all we're just building our careers now.”

The words were like a whiff of fresh air for attendees who were under the impression that last nights performance may have been the last for the original Beach Boys in the South Bay. After years of fighting over credits to songs and breaking up various times, it seems as though the Beach Boys are back and not planning to go anywhere.

Following the Q and A session fans were treated to a variety of Beach Boys hits including “Surfer Girl,” “Help Me Rhonda,” and “Kokomo.” Jeffery Foskett, who overdubs nearly all of B Wilson and Bruce Johnston's vocals, was in the backing band allowing the Beach Boys to sound fantastic and precise when it came to hitting all of the notes.

 It's hard not to mention Wilson's persona when attending a Beach Boys event. Often the yawner, watch-checker, and absent-minded genius, Brain Wilson looks as if he's sometimes zoning out all together in the public eye.

However, we were able to sneak a few questions to Wilson during the reception about current music.
Q: What are some current bands that you listen to today?

A: I don't listen to any new music.

Q: Well then, what's in your CD player right now?

A: Paul McCartney.

Q: And which the Beatles album is your favorite?
A: Let It Be

Following the night's events, wide-eyed fans chatted with each other over their experiences. The last image of the evening most were treated to was Wilson sitting in his limousine outside of the Grammy Museum a little under five minutes after the performance ended with a “get me outta here” look on his face. The experience must have been overwhelming and perhaps past his bedtime.

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