LAW Are Starting to Arrest Some Serious Attention

LAW (Credit: John Gilhooley)

Since the Weekly ran a cover story on LAW last month, the Long Beach band has been making big moves. “Cold,” the first single off LAW’s new album “There and Back Again,” was placed onto Spotify’s All New Rock playlist and onto Loudwire’s Weekly Wire playlist alongside rock heavyweights AFI, Weezer, and Papa Roach. The album had 48,541 Spotify streams two weeks into its release (as of December 7) with 22 thousand streams for “Cold” alone. Early this month, LAW flew to New York and Baltimore for their east coast debut to celebrate and promote the album.

We caught up with LAW at two local shows––their album release show at Alex’s Bar on December 7 and a benefit show for the Nowell Foundation at the Long Beach Gaslamp on November 24––to discuss the album, the east coast mini-tour, and their future plans.

OC Weekly: What’re your thoughts on the new album?

Aiden Palacios (guitar): “It’s a good representation of us as people, the way we make music, and the way we co-exist in the group.”

How’d you like the tour?

Palacios: It was good, it was fun

Nick Aguilar (drums): “The So Damn Cold tour?! The east coast was definitely not a waste of time at all. In my opinion, the show in Baltimore was off the chain. We’ve never had a crowd with that energy before.”
Palacios: At the drop of the first note, people were just super into it.

Jakob Nowell (vocal): “The crowd over there was insane! We got to see an audience that was fully with us for every song on the album, because we played the whole album, pretty much. To see the rise and fall of the crowd at those moments, and for people to get with that, it was this huge confirmation for us.”

Your album was placed onto some Spotify playlists, right?

Logun Spellacy (bass): “Yeah it was on the All New Rock Spotify Playlist, and Loudwire’s playlist. Some surprising numbers so far. The album’s been out two weeks 48, 541 streams in two weeks. That’s cool!”

Why do you think it’s being received so well and so quickly?

Spellacy: “I think we did a good job at expressing ourselves and getting out all our influences. I couldn’t ask for a better springboard of an album for positioning us. It’s like a springboard and [musically] we can go anywhere from here.”

What’re the next moves?

Spellacy: “We have music videos coming out. We already have our next recording session booked. But first we gotta tour this damn record.”

Nowell: “We wanna do a full America tour if possible.”

The upcoming album, to be recorded at the end of March, will be produced with Steve Albini’s assistance. It could be out as early as summer 2019, or this time next year. Till then, tune into LAW’s Instagram for behind the scenes videos and updates on shows.

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